About Us

Lara Trade - About Us

A venture capital firm
for mid-size companies in Turkey

We are an alternative asset management platform focused into investing to medium-sized businesses aiming long-term growth in Turkey. We open up to the world from Istanbul headquarter with offices in Hong Kong and New York. Our experienced investment team with strong track record is one of our greatest strengths.

We are Lara Trade Group

As Lara Trade Group we pride in the unique qualities of Lara core team in buyouts and mergers who continuously scans the horizon for new prospects both organically and through new micro acquisitions in existing lines of businesses. In 2020, we have successfully assessed and grabbed new business opportunities. Therefore, year 2020 earmarked for us a year of transition from a trading company to an industrial group through acquisition of mid-sized manufacturing companies who entered an ailing state due to prevailing economic conditions.

We partner with companies and management teams across industries and asset classes and combine our capabilities with our partners’ resources by forming trading partnerships with long-term off-take contracts.

At Lara Trade Group, our people are at the heart of the business. We are proud of having a working environment standing on high moral values and having a long-term view on seizing upon opportunities coming our way.

Commodity Trade, may it be international, domestic, transit, is the strong suit of Lara Trade. Lara Trade intermediated 10% of all wheat imports in Turkey. We have warehousing facilities at Samsun, Mersin and İskenderun ports. Other than wheat we are doing pulses, hard commodity, chemicals and optical lenses. Next to our own products we also export packed food to EU and North America.

2021 seems to be a real challenge for all the stakeholders of economy as to weather the impelling economic conditions both globally and at home. Hands-on risk management and sustainability will be the motto for Lara Trade Group for the years ahead.

Lara Trade Group currently has six manufacturing facilities, four of them in Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone, one in Torbalı – İzmir and one in Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone. There are 77 white collars 180 blue collars employed within the Group.